Jon Hinson & Aaron Dillon
Founders Jon Hinson & Aaron Dillon

In 2014, two Marietta College students wanted more industry experience from their college education. They knew they were not alone. Together, they formed an organization called Energy Business Alliance (EBA). Today, Energy Business Alliance is fully student led with relevant simulated projects and actual partnerships with local companies and engineers. At every project meeting, EBA makes it a point to have a practicing engineer in attendance to check our work and answer our questions. 

“Our mission is to have all of our members step on site ready to work on day one.” ~Aaron Dillon, Founder

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We are Energy Business Alliance (EBA) -- an organization dedicated to simulating an actual oil and gas company with 262 vertical Clinton Sandstone wells located around the state of Ohio. This allows us to partake in interesting and relevant projects that actual companies would be considering. Every semester, our members partake in meaningful projects to determine the course and future of Putnam Oil and Gas (our simulated company). Currently, we are in the process of developing our first horizontal Utica/Point Pleasant well in Harrison County, OH located near the West Shore Cottage Area. Of course, everything is simulated, but we try to keep it as realistic as possible. View our acreage and wells here.

EBA's Acreage

EBA Members visit a flowing well during Trail Tech.


Hands On
We at Energy Business Alliance realize that one of the best ways to learn is to get our hands dirty. Thus, we frequently take field trips. We've been to active drilling and fracing sites, visited conventional production through our Trail Tech initiative, visited CONSOL Energy's Gas Training Academy where we received technical presentations and safety training, an ERGON refinery, and have plans to visit a    MarcWest Natural Gas Processing Facility in the near future.

If you or your company would be interested in allowing EBA to visit, please contact Derek Krieg.    

Our goals are simple. Our members want experience, connections, networking, internships, and to be READY FOR THE JOB, DAY ONE. Our members are hungry for more knowledge about our industry and EBA is a tool to focus that passion. You will find our members go above and beyond our peers, excelling in both the classroom and field. 

Ready for the job, day one.

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