Spring 2017 Project, Trips, Activities, and Events

Project Summary

Our project for the spring semester of 2017 was to design our first horizontal Utica/Point Pleasant well with the aid of local practicing engineers. From site selection based off of our simulated leasehold, to wellbore schematics, to AFE development, EBA members were able to better become READY FOR THE JOB, DAY ONE. At 4/5 of our project meetings this semester, we had a practicing industry representative to guide us with our project, and student leads were given the opportunity to educate their peers on a relevant topic. Also, at a few of our project meetings, students were presented with information regarding our project and then they split up into working groups to make decisions and contribute ideas. Our goal was to have developed a portfolio and as much of a drilling plan as possible (complete with a state well permit) by the end of the semester, and this goal was met. You can find our portfolio below which deeply reviews our project and activities from this semester. Finally, students were also given the opportunity to present our work at Marietta College’s All Scholars Day and at SOOGA’s Spring meeting, both in April. You can view our All Scholar’s Day Presentation below as well.

All scholars day presentationVIEW OUR PORTFOLIO


  • Meeting 1 – Raising Funds with Our Conventional Assets

    Date: January 31st, 2017   Time: 8pm-9pm

    Location: Marietta College Library, Second Floor, Room 219

    Student Meeting Lead: Jay Chapin, Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering, EBA Operations Manager

    Industry Guest: Catlin Ball, Production Engineer, PDC Energy

    Meeting 1 Presentation Slides

    Meeting 1 Notes

    Sample Change of Ownership Form 

    Jay Chapin presenting to fellow members about what options we have regarding our acreage and how we can raise funds with our conventional assets.
  • Meeting 2 – Selecting Where to Drill

    Our Selected Prospects

    Date: February 9th, 2017   Time: 10pm-11:15pm

    Location: Marietta College Library, Second Floor, Room 219

    Student Meeting Lead: Ryan Newman, Senior, Petroleum Engineering, EBA Treasurer

    Industry Guest: Hoss Belyadi, Senior Reservoir Engineer, CONSOL Energy

    Meeting 2 Presentation Slides



    Ryan Newman shares and builds an economic model by which we determined our anticipated pre-tax rate of return.
    Members in attendance with industry lead Hoss Belyadi in back left of room.
    Candid shot of members in attendance.






  • Meeting 3 – Designing Our Well(s)

    In-Depth Directional Plan Here

    Date: February 28th, 2017   Time: 8pm-9pm

    Location: Marietta College Library, Second Floor, Room 219

    Student Meeting Leads: Jon Hinson, Senior, Petroleum Engineering, EBA Chairman; Jesse Eicher, Senior, Petroleum Engineering

    Meeting 3 Presentation Slides

    Meeting 3 Files

    Casing & Wellbore Plan

    Meeting Goals:

    • Design Well Pad
    • Design Casing Program
    • Determine preferable lateral length
    • Plan directional details
    • Determine directional tools
    • Select/Review rig options
    • And more…


    Student Lead Jon Hinson discusses considerations for well pad design.
    Student Lead Jesse Eicher discusses casing design with his fellow peers.
    Candid shot of members in attendance.





  • Meeting 4 – Leasing and Permitting

    Click to View Full Platmap

    Date: March 28th, 2017   Time: 7pm-8:00pm

    Location: Marietta College Library, Second Floor, Room 219

    Student Meeting Leads: Jay Chapin, Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering, EBA Operations Manager; Alec Shook, Sophomore, Land and Energy Management, EBA Lead Landman

    Industry Guest: Will Harless, Triad Hunter

    Meeting 4 Presentation Slides

    Meeting 4 Permitting Slides

    Meeting 4 Files

    Our Well Site Construction Application 

    Our Restoration Plan

    Our Application For Permit

    Meeting Goals:

    • Work with land department to lease necessary plots of land
    • Permit well
      • Discuss air permits
      • Discuss RUMA/Access Route
      • Discuss water sources
      • And more…
    Student Lead Jay Chapin discussing out Roadway Use and Managment Agreement (RUMA)
    Student Lead Alec Shook discussing leasing mineral rights
    Industry professional Will Harless advising on permitting our wells





  • Meeting 5 – Realizing the Costs

    Meeting leads Nick Cuaresma and David McCabe.

    Date: April 4th, 2017   Time: 8pm-9:00pm

    Location: Marietta College Library, Second Floor, Room 219

    Student Meeting Lead: David McCabe, Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering; Nicholas Cuaresma, Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering, EBA Secretary

    Industry Guest: Catlin Ball, PDC Energy

    Meeting 5 Presentation Slides

    Meeting 5 Files

    Meeting Goals:

    • Review and develop an AFE for our well(s)
    • Review overall financial position of company
    • Potentially discuss the option of bringing in investors
    EBA members discussing proved, probable and possible reserve results from our Monte Carlo simulation
    Student Lead David McCabe presents on major drilling costs
    Industry professional Catlin Ball from PDC Energy advises student leads on our estimate of expenses (RUMA)






Trips, Activities, and Events

  • Trip to CONSOL Energy’s Frac Site

    Date: January 27th, 2017

    Location: Airport Pad 1, Pittsburgh, PA

    Activities: EBA Members were able to tour CONSOL Energy’s Airport Pad 1 frac site. When we arrived, fracing operations had just concluded, so members were free to walk around with few limitations. Student’s examined various fracing equipment, toured the frac site data van, viewed the wireline service’s equipment and truck, and discusses the processes and difficulties that often occur during fracing operations.

    EBA Group Photo with CONSOL Engineers.
    Tour of Frac Equipment and Setup.
    Hoss Belyadi Discussing Production Equipment.
    Members Touring Production Equipment.

  • Trip to Northeast Natural Energy Frac Site

    Members attending the tour placed “38” stickers on their hard hat in remembrance of Joel Wunnenberg.

    Date: Friday Afternoon, March 24th, 2017

    Location: Morgantown, WV Area

    Activities: EBA Members were able to tour Northeast Natural Energy’s Kassan Pad frac site. Before we stepped foot on site, all attending EBA members, in remembrance of Joel Wunnenberg, placed a blue and white “38” sticker on their hard hats. When we arrived on location, wireline operations had just commenced for stage 51 of the Kassan 5H well. Student’s examined various fracing equipment, toured the frac site data van, viewed the wireline service’s equipment and truck, examined composite plugs and perforating guns, discussed limiting factors in design, water delivery and filtration systems, stage design, perforation hole size, friction reducers, and much more.

    Members in attendance.
    Members showing their “38” stickers in remembrance of Joel Wunnenberg.
    General view of AST’s.
    Members discussing plugs with Ian Costello, completions manager.
    Candid shot of members discussing water transfer with completions manager Ian Costello.

  • Trip to MarkWest’s Seneca Processing Facility

    EBA members who attended the MarkWest Plant Tour.

    Date: Monday, April 17th, 2017

    Location: 26645 Zep Road East, Summerfield, OH 43788

    Description: On Monday, April 17th, EBA members took a break from their normal days and took a trip out to MarkWest’s Seneca Gas Processing Facility. The day kicked off with a tour of the office and a description of the grounds with one of the engineers. Members received a 3-D virtual tour in the conference room before taking a full tour of the Cryogenic Facility. The tour included the conventional refrigeration units, the Joule Thompson pressure drop valve, and the Thermal Expander that cool the gas for the separation towers, which knock out the natural gasoline, propane, and some of the ethane from the input stream. The result is pipeline quality gas and NGL’s, which can now be sold to markets. 

  • Spring Speaker Dinner

    Date: Monday, April 17th, 2017

    Location: Marietta College

    Speaker: Robert Winland, Former Marathon Executive

    Topic: “Legacy Clinton Production in Southeast Ohio:  Is There Anything We Can Learn Which Applies To Modern Shale Plays?”

    EBA hosted Robert Winland, a former Marathon employee of 30 years, who gave a largely non­technical presentation that reviewed historical production in Ohio, with emphasis on the Clinton play. The focus was on the development in Perry, Hocking, and Fairfield Counties. Winland also discussed that despite the severe lack of data, many interesting pieces of information and stories have survived. Lastly, Winland discussed basic principles and lessons that can be applied to modern shale plays such as the Utica/Point Pleasant.

    More about the speaker: Bob Winland is a native of Bremen, Ohio (Fairfield County).  At age 5 he began “tagging along” when his father took a job as a pumper for a small Ohio operator.  He witnessed his first frac job at age 9.  These experiences put oil in his blood, which led to a degree in Petroleum Engineering from Marietta College in 1978.  He retired in 2015 after a 36-year career with Marathon Oil, working in field and office locations in IL, LA, WY, and TX.  His experiences include stints in operations engineering and supervision, reservoir engineering and supervision, exploration, planning and budgeting, business development, and project economics for domestic and international projects.